Policies and Procedures

posted Sep 19, 2010, 6:17 PM by Eric Lass   [ updated Aug 16, 2016, 8:25 AM ]

MATH with Mr. Lass


First, welcome to my class.  I am thrilled to begin my seventh year as part of the Runkle faculty and to have the opportunity to work with you.  I have high expectations, but will work hard to provide the support to help you succeed!

You each will receive both a numbered Impact Mathematics book and a smaller math reference handbook.  You may leave your textbooks at home. Additional copies of textbooks for your use will be found in our classroom. These copies must STAY in the classroom. Please take care of your books.  You will have to replace or pay for any textbook that is lost or damaged.  

Classroom Materials
You are to have a 3-ring binder (1 1/2 inch is fine) with 3 sections.  The sections will be titled Notes, Homework, and Tests.  You may combine your math binder with another subjects if you wish, as long as the math section has 3 sub-sections.

The first section is to be labeled “Notes”.  There should be plenty of white loose leaf paper in this section as well as some graph paper which will be used periodically during the year.

The second section is for “Homework”.  There should be loose leaf and graph paper in this section as well.

The third section is for “Quizzes and Tests”.  This section will initially be empty, but will fill up over time.

Everything in your binder is to be kept in chronological order.

A neat, well-organized binder will make studying for tests easier and more efficient and will lead to better performance and more learning.

You will need a basic calculator.  It should have a square root key, but does NOT have to be a fancy graphing model.  You should be able to purchase a basic calculator for $10 or less.

You should bring the following to class EVERY DAY:

- Your math binder
- At least TWO sharpened pencils (math is done in PENCIL)
- A basic calculator (it should have keys for squares and square roots)

As a general rule, anything you do for school should be your BEST WORK and should be considered a reflection of yourself.  Please keep this in mind as you work on assignments that will be seen by me and by your classmates.

All homework is to be done in PENCIL on white loose leaf or graph paper.  Do NOT use torn paper from a spiral notebook, legal pad or any other source. Do NOT use pen or markers unless told otherwise. 

Homework assignments will be numbered to help us keep track.

Please show all work leading to your answers on your homework.  A page full of answers without work is not acceptable as I will not be able to help you correct mistakes.

Do not leave any questions blank.  Attempt some work even if you do not understand the question or write out exactly what you do not understand.  Try searching this website for helpful links and videos. Better still, come to school early or visit me during study periods or lunch for help.

Late homework will be accepted for partial credit. Missed homework will count against your grade as will sloppy or incomplete homework.  Multiple missed homework assignments will result in your spending lunch/recess with me completing work as well as a conference with a parent/guardian.  

If you are absent from school, you will be responsible for missed material.  Please get missed homework assignments from a classmate or from the homework calendar on this website and see me to review missed lessons.  For one day absences homework will be due the day after you return to class.  For extended absences, see me to determine a schedule for missed work.

If you know you will be absent ahead of time, please let me know.   

You will be assigned a permanent seat in my classroom.  If you need to sit closer to the front, please let me know and I will do my best to accommodate you.

Extra Help
I will be available before school, lunch/recess and most days after school.  My goal is to have everyone in my class succeed, so please see me if you need help and I will do my best for you!