School Supplies

All 7th and 8th grade students are to have a 3-ring binder (1 1/2 inch is fine) with dividers for 3 sections.  The sections will be titled Notes, Homework, and Tests.  You may combine your math binder with other subjects if you wish, as long as the math section has 3 sub-sections.

The first section is to be labeled “Notes”.  There should be plenty of white loose leaf paper in this section as well as some graph paper which will be used periodically during the year.

The second section is for “Homework”.  There should be loose leaf and graph paper in this section as well.

The third section is for “Tests”.  This section will initially be empty, but will fill up over time.

Everything in your binder is to be kept in chronological order.

A neat, well-organized binder will make studying for tests easier and more efficient and will lead to better performance and more learning.

Students will also need #2 pencils, a small ruler and a basic calculator. The calculator should have a key for square roots, but does NOT have to be a fancy graphing model. You should be able to purchase a basic calculator for $10 or less.

Students should bring the following to class EVERY DAY:

- Your math binder
- At least TWO sharpened pencils (math is done in PENCIL)
- A small ruler
- A basic calculator (it should have a square root key)